Progressive Retinal Atrophy (cord 1 PRA) - CORD-1 PRA



CORD1 is a disease that affects the rods and cones that make up the retina of the eye. This condition often leads to blindness in dogs, for which sadly there is no cure. CORD1 has a relatively early onset, with the majority of dogs being diagnosed at around 2 years, however the disease can be present at any age.

Severity - 4

CORD1 has a moderate-high degree of severity, while the disease is not fatal and is confined to the eye only, the early onset and possibility of lifelong blindness may decrease the quality of life for both you and your dog.


Affected dogs commonly display signs of vision impairment such as:
- Difficulty moving around familiar areas
- Aversion to bright lights
- Failure to focus on small objects such as a ball or toy.

These initial symptoms proceed to night blindness and in many cases, lead to complete blindness, for which sadly, there is no treatment or cure.

Genetic Testing

Animal Network provides a DNA test that determines the genetic predisposition to CORD1.

CORD1 is an autosomal recessive disease. A recessive phenotype (trait or disease) will only be expressed when two copies of the recessive gene variant are present. A direct gene test can detect whether a dog is clear, carrier or is affected by the disease.

A dog with two copies of the recessive gene variant is affected, they will express the phenotype and will pass a copy of the gene variant onto their offspring 100% of the time. A dog with one copy of the recessive gene variant is a carrier, they do not express the phenotype themselves, however they are will pass the gene variant onto their offspring 50% of the time. A dog that has does not have any copies of the recessive gene variant is clear, and will never produce affected offspring.

For an explanation of possible genetic status of offspring please refer to our fact sheet on Breeding Strategies. ORDER A TEST

Breeds Affected

English Springer Spaniel
Dachshund Miniature (Long-Haired)
Dachshund Miniature (Wired-Haired)
Dachshund Miniature

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