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Each certificate is watermarked for authenticity. More importantly it shows the dog’s unique DNA profile at 11 specified canine markers thus demonstrating that the dog has been DNA profiled.

Owners need to be aware that this is not a parentage report. Parentage reports will be generated (no extra charge) once the dam and sire of the dog have been DNA profiled. In some cases further markers (Panel 2) may need to be run to confirm parentage. Panel 2 consists of a further 12 markers (including a K9 sex marker).

Severity - 0

DNA Profiling has a no degree of severity, as it is poses no health threats.



Genetic Testing

Animal Network offers a DNA Profiling Service.

This can be useful to customers for the following reasons:
- DNA profiling provides an owner with their dog’s unique DNA identity.
- DNA profiling establishes an accurate and reliable permanent record of any identity for any dog.
- It confirms that pedigrees are correct and guarantees puppy buyers that pedigrees are accurate.
- It can be used in cases of multiple sires and can determine and verify the sire in any litter.
- It can verify parentage when using a stud service thus eliminating the doubt, which surrounds unobserved stud services.
- It can ensure that semen, which is artificially inseminated, can be verified and guarantee the semen used.
- It can put to rest any issues of breeding disputes over parentage. ORDER A TEST

Breeds Affected

No breeds affected.

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