DNA Testing FAQ

Are my dogs genetic results secure?

Yes. Only the owner is issued with the results, unless a signed agreement or consent is provided by the owner to forward results onto other parties.

Who can collect samples?

Anyone can collect a sample, however in order to receive certified results or results accepted by an Accredited Breeder’s program, the sample must be collected by an independent collection officer. All vets are authorised to collect samples. Approved collection officers can be contacted through kennel clubs and are listed on the Animal Network Website.

What is the turnaround time?

Results take 15 working days from receipt of samples.

Can multiple tests be done from the one sample?

Yes. Testing requires the owner to send in 2 swabs per dog, which allows us to do a number of tests from the one sample. All extracted DNA is then stored, at no cost to you, for any future testing.

Do I need a microchip number?

Yes. A microchip number is required for us to be able to issue certified results. In some cases, breed or kennel clubs may require positive ID as part of their Accredited Breeders Program. However, testing can still be carried out without a microchip number but results will be not be certified.

How do I obtain a kit?

Free kits will be sent out to you after completing this form or you can contact us.