Clear By Parentage

Clear by Parentage allows breeders to certify any offspring as clear of a hereditary disease where the dam and sire have been DNA tested and cleared of that disease.

It allows a dog that has not been tested for a particular disease to be "cleared" of that disease without having to be DNA disease tested.

This is carried out based on the verification of parentage and the known disease status of the dam and sire.

Clear by parentage can be applied to any genetic disease as long as the profiling was completed at Animal Network.

For any offspring to be certified clear of a disease the parents must have been tested using Authorised Collection and Positive ID procedures. Authorised Collection and Positive ID are essential if offspring are to be certified clear as this guarantees the integrity of the results obtained.

All original copies of the damís and sireís test results MUST be presented for any Clear By Parentage certification of puppies.

The example below demonstrates how clear by parentage works and the savings it can bring.

Pup is DNA profiled and parentage is confirmed by DNA. No disease test is required. AHRN and PRA DNA Disease Report is issued and clearly states "Clear by Parentage" as the result.