Accredited Breeders

Here at Animal Network we promote all forms of pet health and are passionate about healthy animals being united with good owners. For this reason we provide a list of responsible breeders who have undertaken DNA testing with our laboratory and have authorised us to upload their details. Please note that this does not represent a recommendation nor does it imply a DNA disease status of these breeder’s dogs.

If you are a breeder, have undertaken DNA testing with Animal Network and wish for your details to be uploaded to the website, please contact us at

These are the breeders for Animal Network:

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Breeder Name
Main Breed
Diane FinisterCocker SpanielWAmore information
Hayley LambAustralian ShepherdWAmore information
Jennifer StembridgeChinese CrestedWAmore information
Moira MacaulayKerry Blue TerrierWAmore information
Pam Calvert-MaherBedlington TerrierWAmore information
R. J. DorgeloShelrenaLabrador RetrieverWAmore information
RW & BE HayesBorder CollieWAmore information
Sharon MullerWAmore information
Stephen BakerEnglish Springer SpanielWAmore information
Tania HancockWAmore information

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