Accredited Breeders

Here at Animal Network we promote all forms of pet health and are passionate about healthy animals being united with good owners. For this reason we provide a list of responsible breeders who have undertaken DNA testing with our laboratory and have authorised us to upload their details. Please note that this does not represent a recommendation nor does it imply a DNA disease status of these breeder’s dogs.

If you are a breeder, have undertaken DNA testing with Animal Network and wish for your details to be uploaded to the website, please contact us at

These are the breeders for Animal Network:

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Breeder Name
Main Breed
D.L & B.M Smith & VincentCocker SpanielTASmore information
Ian McKayCairn TerrierTASmore information
Jennifer RobertsWelsh Corgi PembrokeTASmore information
Julie McLaurinLabrador RetrieverTASmore information
Marianne RietveldLabradoodleTASmore information
Melinda CorneyStaffordshire Bull TerrierTASmore information
Melinda McCarthyBorder CollieTASmore information
Maureen TobiasBorder CollieUSAmore information
Kinsheran KennelsKinsheran KennelsEnglish Springer SpanielVICmore information
Alexis BassingthwaighteVICmore information
Allison GloverBorder CollieVICmore information
Angela and Derek CunninghamTegan ParkLabradoodleVICmore information
Anita StewartEnglish Springer SpanielVICmore information
Ann WaltersShetland Sheep DogVICmore information
Anne ZelvysAlfoxton KennelsAustralian ShepherdVICmore information
Cam CavalloEnglish Springer SpanielVICmore information
Caroline SharpePoodleVICmore information
D J BasileBorder CollieVICmore information
Daniel ScottVelvetfieldsBorder CollieVICmore information
Debra HuonStaffordshire Bull TerrierVICmore information
Dianne WhitesideBorder CollieVICmore information
Don CampbellAmerican Staffordshire TerrierVICmore information
E MurphyLe TrailsAmerican Cocker SpanielVICmore information
Elizabeth LasryStaffordshire Bull TerrierVICmore information
Glenda ForsterGlenmaveNova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverVICmore information

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