Accredited Breeders

Here at Animal Network we promote all forms of pet health and are passionate about healthy animals being united with good owners. For this reason we provide a list of responsible breeders who have undertaken DNA testing with our laboratory and have authorised us to upload their details. Please note that this does not represent a recommendation nor does it imply a DNA disease status of these breeder’s dogs.

If you are a breeder, have undertaken DNA testing with Animal Network and wish for your details to be uploaded to the website, please contact us at

These are the breeders for Animal Network:

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Breeder Name
Main Breed
GAYLE JARVISHeelersridgeAustralian Cattle DogNSWmore information
Graeme LoveKelpieNSWmore information
Heather ShepherdCocker SpanielNSWmore information
IF & LE ConnorCocker SpanielNSWmore information
JA & LM BullockBorder CollieNSWmore information
Jacki KellyNSWmore information
Janet FlemingToy PoodleNSWmore information
Jodie McBurneyAmerican BulldogNSWmore information
Julie ParkAustralian Cattle DogNSWmore information
K M MorrisChihuahua LongNSWmore information
Karen CrawleyStaffordshire Bull TerrierNSWmore information
Kathy YoungCloudcatcher LabradoodlesLabradoodleNSWmore information
Kerry AdamsGreat DaneNSWmore information
Kerry WyburdKerris HavaneseHavaneseNSWmore information
Kim BurtonJack Russell TerrierNSWmore information
Kim SammutStaffordshire Bull TerrierNSWmore information
Lee HallettToy PoodleNSWmore information
Leonie DarlingSwedish VallhundNSWmore information
Liana BettisonAziahWelsh Corgi PembrokeNSWmore information
M K & S VerdeCocker SpanielNSWmore information
Mariane NewhouseEdelparkHavaneseNSWmore information
Matthew CharnockSiberian HuskyNSWmore information
Melissa BorgToujourFinnish LapphundNSWmore information
Micheal and Kate KeelyEnglish Springer SpanielNSWmore information
Michelle BridekirkShetland Sheep DogNSWmore information

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